All the details

Dog team: Alone with a dog team of 5 or 6 dogs. Two persons per sled with a dog team of 6 dogs (short tours).

Supervision: experimented professional mushers guides (eco-tourism school or adventure tourism). First aid certified.

Equipment provided: we provide material in very good condition, almost new: sled with a large watertight bag to transport the material during the raids, draught line, dog harness with names, snow anchor and list of the dogs in your team.

You can also rent boots and extreme low temperature clothing on the premises like Kanuk style coats and pants, fleece-lined boots and -40 degree celcius Moonboot style ($85/week) together with the included sleeping bag -30°.

Equipment to bring for the raids:
  • Head light or flashlight.
  • Heaters.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sun blocker cream.
  • Thermos bottle- eventually - (for personal drink).
  • 2 pairs of mits.
  • 1 hat or balaclava.
  • acrylic underwears (top and bottom).
  • 1 pair of light shoes for the refuge.
  • A small backpack (for camera, etc.)
  • Warm clothing: polar or wool sweaters/ large ski clothing..
  • Towels.
  • Contact lens instead of standard glasses.

ATTENTION! Personal belongings must be in a travel bag - NO SUITCASE.

Reservation conditions: A deposit of 30% will confirm your reservation and will be kept in all cases of cancellation. Every reservation will be invoiced in full if cancelled within 30 days of the reservation, or if you do not present yourself on the premises, unless there was a specific agreement.

Lodging: In a comfortable Inn, depending of the package chosen for the days before/after. ( In a rustic cottage, wood heated stove, propane lamp, bordering a lake or river giving access to water, dry toilet outside. ( réserve Papineau-Labelle).

Weather: To get the actual temperature and forecast: Mont-Laurier and Wenmindji for Baie James.

Meal: table d'hôte menu, 4 services, at the inn. On tour, BBQ ( grilled meat) at lunch and prepared meals, at night.