Expédition Rêve Blanc

Welcome to the world of dog sledding with Expédition Rêve Blanc. In this huge cold and white desert, we will guide you for a winter dream, on a dog sledding tour in full security.

Located in the High Laurentians, at 230km north of Montreal, this region offers you a vast territory of forest and lakes, at the frontier of the real Great North.

Our 25 years of experience in the world of dog sledding guarantees our seriousness. Sharing our passion through our trade is our motto and we will make sure you are happy all along your dog sledding tour.

You will discover trails covered in snow, frozen lakes and rivers, driven snow and snow storms, blizzard and the cold, but also the scintillating sun, moonlights and Northern Lights... and also this much appreciated silence...

You will live all those adventures with our kind snow dogs that will make you discover the New World, much more than all of your expectations. You will be surprised by their strength, theirr courage and kindness. We wish to pay tribute here to all our dogs which, over the years, have worked hard for us, all along those winters.

Our sled dogs will give the most for you, because we offer them our affection and the best of care.

Who are we?In 2012, Jeff and Nathy decided to pass the torch. After six years of complicity and work sharing, Thibault and Katia who worked for years with the sled dogs that you will encounter during your stay at Expédition Rêve Blanc, decided to unite their skills and are ready to welcome you to realize your dog sled dream.

Katia B. Raymond

Katia meanwhile, loving dogs and outdoor, active in the life of the kennel and making harnesses and sleds. In addition, she develops and manufactures menus raids to the delight of customers. She will also be happy to answer all your emails and calls.

Thibault Gontier

Thibault, outdoor enthusiasts and sled dogs passionate, is involved for its part in the maintenance of all tracks (over 200 km of trails), the management of dogs, and sees their welfare and their food. He manufactures and repair all equipment (harness, niches, necklaces, sledding, etc.).

They will both be proud to welcome you, to guide you in their magical trails within a majestic playground which hosts all their outings sled dogs, the Papineau Labelle Wildlife Reserve. They will present their dogs and will be happy to share their passion of dogsledding with you.

Their pack of 110 dogs waiting for your hugs and encouragement will make you live the incredible experience of dogsledding raid.

Your dream will come true with us, your hosts, Katia and Thibault.

Jessica Riallan

Jessica, came from France in 2010 by means of its training in ecotourism and tourism of adventure guide's job by sled dogs and by equestrian guiding on the ground, in our beautiful Laurentiennes forests. Since then, she knows how to share her passion for animals and will know how to guide you for your dog sledding raids!