We are offering a shuffle service for the two days raids and more from Mont-Laurier, 20$ per person.

If you are an adventurer from outside of Quebec, it is important that you take aerial transport into account. As availability are limited on intercontinental flights, please take care an reserve early.

For interior transport: We will get you at the airport with pleasure and we will bring you back once your sojourn is completed. Cost of transfer, back and forth, is 545$ + taxes, for one to four persons.

If you prefer a taxi, this will cost you approximately 320$ per trip. You can also rent a vehicle because our roads all well maintained and practicable without problem.

There is also a bus service, from the center of Montreal to Mont-Laurier.

If you check the site, you will find the timetable and necessary information.

If you have specific needs, we will find the best solution for you!

Here are some useful links for aerial transport:

Here are some useful links for car rental :
Vehicle leasing is often the least expensive solution and more as we are distant region you will have more autonomy to move and visit.

links coming soon.