Full day dog ​​sledding

  • Sledge time : 4h30
    Minimum age : 9 years

    Arrivée 09h00

    $ 260,93 + txs per person for 2 on the same sled
    $ 434,88 + txs alone on the sled

Training included

Each package includes about 15 minutes of training and the presentation of your sled dogs team. Please, present yourself 30 minutes in advance to settle the details of your reservation.

If you go for a day, you have the opportunity to get to know your dog team by preparing them for the day.

Afterwards you will leave for the trails of the Papineau-Labelle Wildlife Reserve which are suitable for all for a safe sled practice. You will discover the lakes, the landscapes worthy of a postcard and the traces of the animals which frequent these places far away from any civilization.

At noon, you will learn how to make a fire in the snow with what surrounds you. Eating grilled meats and having a hot drink by the fire will give you plenty of energy for the afternoon.

This break will also give you the opportunity to caress your new friends and thanks to your guide to learn more about the practice of the sled, the fauna and flora of Quebec.

Upon return from your adventure, you have the opportunity to share a little time with your dogs by removing the harnesses with your guide.