IMPORTANT NOTE: please follow only the indications of the plan that we will provide by email.

Possibility of shuttle for raids two days and more from mont-laurier, $ 20 per person.

If you are an adventurer from outside Quebec, it is important that you consider air travel. Indeed, the places being limited on the transatlantic flights, be vigilant and take your reservation without delay.

For domestic transfers: It is with pleasure that we can welcome you to the airport and take you there after your stay. The cost of the transfer back and forth is $ 545 + taxes, for one to four people.

If your choice is the taxi, it will cost you about $ 320 each way. You can also rent a vehicle because all our roads are very well cleared and passable without problem.

There is also a bus service from downtown Montreal to Mont-Laurier.

By consulting the web site, you will find schedules and relevant information.

If you have specific requests, we will find the solution that suits you best!

Vehicle rental is often the cheapest solution and because we are in a remote area you will have more autonomy to move and visit.